Our Services

Dubuat is an Engineering, Development and Sourcing firm assisting and advising our clients to source highest quality components and BoP (Brought-out-parts) at competitive cost. Dubuat is capable to provide end to end project management, right from testing the water to final commissioning.

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Project Management

Managing the managers ! When clients are located far away from production site they are concern about the development of the project in their absence. Dubuat provides on ground assistance through incubation of managers representing our client's interest onsite. Once the project is commissioned, Dubuat Engineers assist the client to keep tabs on daily progress. We not only monitor but we also help troubleshoot crisis. Cost cutting through efficient sourcing channels help our clients source BoPs and components of critical importance at economical rates. Reporting our clients and keeping track on project timeline is crucial part of our management services.

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Manufacturing Analytics

Always research before you plan ! This is the age of data and Dubuat utilizes this technology to predict upcoming market trends in manufacturing sector and also optimize entire operations of an organization, right from material procurement to dispatch. We are capable to provide Primary and Secondary research customized to the extent of our client’s requirement. Digital data is the most authentic available data now, which can be used to analyse fluctuations in sector and help to plan counter measures. Its a whole new arena where possibilities are being explored for regular advancement.

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Engineering & Development

Dubuat utilizes the immense manufacturing capabilities of India to facilitate development of components, through our trusted and thoroughly audited manufacturers. Dubuat looks over the project during its development and contributes at design, production vigilance, quality control, BoP sourcing, packaging,logistics & supply chain management. Cost cutting at every step without compromising quality. As per one of our big customer, we have successfully reduced their sourcing cost by 11%, just by competitive bidding of their requirements. We invite you to utilize the massive group of manufacturers ready to provide their expertise at your earliest convenience.

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Dubuat Engineers are sourcing experts in one of the most critical BoP "Fasteners". We are proud to present an "All Fasteners Solution" under one roof. Name your standard, design, grade and we will quote for sure. Dubuat is trusted by our clients all over world to provide excellent fastening solutions for their industrial needs. New product development is our expertise and requirements for low quantity customized fasteners of critical importance are met without hassle.