Dr. Abhai Kumar Sinha


Dubuat Engineers


Our Mission

In an Indusrious empire when manufacturing is on boom, client's require a designated partner to not only understand the local reality but also channelize their energy to control cost intensive parameters on their behalf without affecting quality !

Provide a ground enforcer of our client's interest.
Analyse the project and explore more efficient options.
Keep cost intensive parammeters in check.
Manage shock situations.

Modus Operandi

As project managers we partner with our clients to increase the quality and financial efficiency of their work by extending various services.

Cost optimization of entire project.
Reverse/Comparative costing for purchase.
Management of entire process network.
Vendor Management.
Cooperation through networking.
Manage day to day hassle.
Contingency management.

Registered Name: Dubuat Engineers Private Limited

Company type: Private Limited

Number of Directors: 2

Ownership: Family owned

Year of Establishment: 2013

Area of Business: Engineering /Project Management /Sourcing

Industry type: Automotive/Manufacturing

Sub-Industry: Stamping/Forging/Casting/Machining

Employee strength: 5

Official Website: www.dubuat.in

Managing Director: Dr. Abhai Kumar Sinha

Contact Information:
G-79, Business center, Lakshmi nagar, New Delhi-110092
Phone: +91-7827296716